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Apr 21, 2021

The first iteration of the finance movement in blockchain was largely about banking the unbanked hat is, innovators in the space was trying to offer banking-like products such as savings accour and other low yielding but relatively safe types of investments to users who may not have access to ditional banking services. Investors would typically be putting their digital assets under a platform'scustody to generate passive interest income within the 2-7% range These platforms typically lend your assets out to others, such as to financial institutions who may use these funds for trading

With these platforms, custody lies with the platform which means that an investor is required to send thei digital assets to the platform; the investor would lose ownership of his or her assets. In this regard, these platforms are"centralized"or as most people would call "CeFi"(Centralized Finance).
Champions in the CeFi space are Block FL, Binance, Coinbase and other crypto exchanges who allets (that are in their custody) to de theoretically own your assets through providing you digita your digital assets. This issue of custody is a double-edged sword. On one hand, these CeFi platform are typically insured to give their users assurance that their funds are in safe custody, but on the other hand, they are more prone to hacks of which users' private information and digital assets can be compromised 

DeFi has gained a lot of traction primarily from being on the opposing end of CeFi where users maintain full ownership of their own assets. You may have heard the popular phrase "not your keys, not your coin from diehard DeFi fans who generally are untrusting of centralized services. In DeFi protocols, users do not have to trust entities or humans; they only need to interact with a protocol's interface to carry out their financial activities such as trading, lending or swapping 

Essentially, they are choosing to trust codes instead of people. This is made possible primarily through smart contract blockchains, like Ethereum For context, smart contracts are contracts with the te of the agreement written directly into lines of codes and are self-executed. These codes are store and distributed on the blockchal where no central authority has control over These contracts. By being on the blockchain, are easily traceable, transparent and irreversible 
The advent of smart contracts had allowed the novel concept of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations(DAOs)to thrive. DAOs, as its name implies, is a communal organization whose decisions are made digitally by codes that are passed through votes of its members. In short, DAO is an organization that can operate withoutexecutive members or hierarchy.

In traditional top-down organizations, there exists the principal-agent dilemma where representati of the organization could be driven by self-interest to make decisions that would benefit themselves at the expense of the organization's members since they possess most if not all the decisive powers.
A DAO however, manages the governance relationship by incentivizing all its members to contribute to the development and decision making of the organization through the rewarding of native network tokens For example, members of HyperDAO who work together to improve the protocol's risk management practices would be rewarded with native HDAO tokens. These HDAO tokens allows them to partake in decision making where they can cast votes on other community proposed developments or directions. In essence,members are incentivized to collectively contribute to the protocol as they would be rewarded with more native network tokens and these tokens will be more valuable as the protocol improves

Another huge advantage of DeFi is being"permissionless" DeFi users do not need to submit any kind of Know Your Customer(KYC) information or have an acceptable credit score in order to gain access to financial services. This not only allows for complete privacy, but also enables everyone to begin on an equal footing DeFi has also made it permissionless to create. Anyone can create a DeFi application or service and anyone can use them. Users can interact directly with these applications by connecting their crypto wallets DeFi is also"borderless" anyone can have access to DeFi services from anywhere and at any time. This is particularly aligned with the finance movement mentioned earlier about banking the unbanked 
Most DeFi protocols are open source, which means that their codes are open for everyone to evaluate or even use directly, it encourages creative collaboration where developers can combine different codes rom different protocols together to create potentially better products and services. This culture of sharing and jointly innovating greatly accelerates the growth of the industry. Open source code also

offers maximum transparency and is available for anyone to audit. This builds a different kind of trust with users because any interested party can evaluate the code, understand its contracts functionality and find and report bugs on the protocol and even be rewarded for it.
All transaction activity is also public for anyone to view so any dubious transactions can be flagged This characteristic of transparency is not at odds with privacy because the wallet addresses are not tied to anyone
directly. Instead, they are pseudo-anonymous and only a numerical address is listed; that is, the owners of the address are not publicly known unless the owners themselves publicly share their information.
t-global is the world's first comprehensive technology group that proposes blockchain + new technology clusters and implements their applications. The t-global group's business covers the research and development of the underlying technology of the blockchain, the application of blockchain technology, and the blockchain Finance, blockchain mining, blockchain digital currency trading, blockchain education and blockchain derivatives surroundings, etc., headquartered on Fifth Avenue in New York, USA, with branches in Hong Kong, London, New Delhi and Shenzhen . The vision of t-global is to enhance the civilization of the earth through new technologies such as blockchain, so that everyone can show the fullness and joy of life.

t-global’s subsidiaries include t mining (distributed in Iran, Russia, and Sichuan, China), t blockchain technology research and development laboratory (co-built with Harvard University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, etc.), t public chain (the world’s most comprehensive public chain) Chain), t exchange (decentralized exchange), t art auction, etc.
The true fund is a star blockchain financial defi product under t-global. It has achieved 80% annualized income for three consecutive years, with a maximum drawdown of less than 2%. In 2021, true will integrate high-quality assets in the market and rely on its own strong technological strength. , Launched the true pro fund.
Based on t-globe's strong technological strength and diversified investment portfolio, True Pro will surely deepen the global deployment of defi finance while creating huge investment returns for investors.

In order to give back to the majority of users, so that users without strong funds can also experience the charm of defi and enjoy the dividends brought by decentralized finance. Now, you can enjoy the charm of defi financial management for only one dollar. Please download the app for details.
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