CoinChefs Launches their Cryptocurrency and Fiat Currency Converting Service

Jun 25, 2018

CoinChefs comes up with a website offering free fiat currency and cryptocurrency converter and calculator. Users will get to convert any cryptocurrency and world currency. They can also convert a cryptocurrency against fiat currency and vice versa.

June 26, 2018 /MarketersMedia/ —

CoinChefs has launched their services for converting cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Their cryptocurrency converter allows users to convert any cryptocurrency currently available in global market.

“Our website presently lists the major cryptocurrencies of the world. We use some of the most trusted sources available to provide our users with accurate rates with our cryptocurrency calculator. Also, we keep updating our currency rates every hour and ensure there are no errors with them,” said the CEO of CoinChefs.

The website is currently concentrating on Bitcoin conversion as it is the most favoured one globally now. Although seeing considerable fluctuations in recent times, Bitcoin is still one of the highly converted cryptocurrencies in this website, informed the CEO. He further said that The US Supreme Court mentioned Bitcoin in one of their recent cases which assures that this cryptocurrency still holds much ground.

“After Bitcoin, Ethereum sees the second highest conversion traffic in this website. More than just a cryptocurrency, Ethereum is an operating system based on the blockchain technology and presently has a substantial number of users,” explained the CEO. He further elaborated that this cryptocurrency enables users to develop decentralised application for which they get paid in Ether, the official payment system of Ethereum.

The third most usage of their cryptocurrency converter is for Ripple, another stem that offers multiple applications. Its mass popularity is due to it being a currency exchange platform, a real-time gross settlement system, and a remittance network. Ripple, as a company, delivers users with a secure and quick way for performing worldwide financial transactions. It also provides its blockchain technology to global financial institutions that also use its cryptocurrency as a payment solution, the spokesperson added.

When converting cryptocurrencies, users can get a chart displaying the exchange rates from the last 24 hours, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months. They will also get historical exchange rates for the last 7 days when converting any such currency.

Users can not only convert cryptocurrency, but also fiat currencies via CoinChefs. Its CEO expressed pride when saying they also list all of the world currencies for conversion.

“One of the superior features of our website’s converter is its ability to convert cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies and vice versa. With this feature, users can get a realistic rate when aiming to exchange between these two”, said the CEO, CoinChefs.

CoinChefs’ cryptocurrency converter provides convenience and ease to users which very few websites currently deliver. Their cryptocurrency to fiat currency converter is aiming to be a major contributor in this regard as well.

About the company:
CoinChefs is a website that offers their free fiat currency and cryptocurrency calculator and converter to users. This website lists all the globally available cryptocurrencies and world currencies as well.

Contact Info:
Name: Mike S. McCormick
Organization: CoinChefs

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For more information, please visit

Source: MarketersMedia

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