Brentwood Sports Chiropractor Launches New Website

Nov 6, 2019

November 07, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab, a leading Brentwood and Los Angeles Sports Chiropractor, is delighted to announce the launch of their new website, which makes it easy for visitors to find out how they can get started on their path to optimal wellness and healing. Speaking on behalf of the practice, Dr. Carlos Rodriguez stated, “We are excited that our new site works across any platform and that anyone in pain can call us directly for an appointment, even while they are on the go. Our practice helps those with any type of pain get the treatment they need. Don’t let chronic pain define your life. We make sure our chiropractic services are very affordable, and we can offer flexible payment plan options so that everyone has access to the best care.”

The Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab clinic is considered one of the top chiropractic offices in Los Angeles. It is frequented by many athletes and other professionals who enjoy their sports and active lives. One of the most popular treatments for those who inhabit such lifestyles is a revolutionary diagnostic tool for assessing an individual’s biomechanics, called a Gait Scan. This will determine if any orthotic therapy is needed, a crucial piece of information as many people fail to connect their hip and back pain to problems with their feet. Sometimes, even neck pain can be connected to issues with the feet. Any sportsperson will testify that a chain reaction can begin if there is even a small problem with their feet. This is due to the fact that a subtle change in their gait can throw off their rhythm, putting stress on joints higher up that leads to more serious problems.

The NBC29 website featured the opening of the new Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab Brentwood clinic in July. Their article highlights that Dr. Carlos Rodriguez and Dr. Casey Loewy are backed by a staff comprised of highly educated and experienced healthcare professionals. It also underscored the clinic’s ethos: “Our focus is not just to treat you, but to educate you along the road to wellness. Our desire is to make sure your experience with us is one that produces long-term results and overall satisfaction.”

The clinic provides a full range of services from Family Care to Sports Rehabilitation,including acute and chronic conditions alike. They also specialize in knee and shoulder injuries, both of which are common ailments among those who love to stay active and enjoy their sports. Football, lacrosse, running, cycling, golfing, tennis, swimming and many other sports can cause overuse injuries.

As one of the leading Sports Chiropractors in Brentwood and Los Angeles, the clinic has everything needed to diagnose and treat injuries, including a state of the art X-Ray unit. Through therapy with the clinic, patients may avoid unnecessary medical surgeries at more mainstream practices that could lead to a long and painful recovery. This is backed up by the reviews their patients have made online, which can be read on Google, their Facebook page, Yelp, and other online review sites. Learn more here: Sports Chiropractor Brentwood.

A recent patient, Nicole E., gave them top marks on Yelp, saying, “Dr. Casey Loewy has been the only chiropractor I've wanted to continue seeing for years. She is extremely talented and professional, and I've found that she is able to work on my body by utilizing techniques that other chiropractors haven't used in order to help heal me and make my pains and aches subside. She is the best in the area, hands down. If you're dealing with sports injuries or general neck and back pain, she will work with you to ensure you're comfortable, understand her long term care plan, and she will make you feel more centered and better than you ever have previously. I can't imagine my life without Dr. Loewy or her practice—they've literally changed my life for the better and kept me out of back pain for years now. If you haven't seen her yet, you need to make an appointment. Be sure to book in advance as she's filling up her schedule quickly these days. Highly recommended!”

Dr. Rodriguez responded, “We treat our patients as if they were one of our own. Reading their reviews online makes us work even harder to help everyone get the most out of their lives while remaining as pain free as possible. In addition to our chiropractic treatments, we offer a full range of massage therapies, custom foot orthotics, nutritional supplements, and various merchandise to maintain positive spinal and postural routines. We want to help every patient move forward along their way to a happy and active lifestyle.”

Those looking for an appointment with a leading Family & Sports Chiropractor West Los Angeles may contact the clinic directly from their new website to begin their healing process. More information on Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab staff treatments and testimonials can also be found here. Interested parties may also prefer to follow the clinic on their social media platforms to stay up to date with their latest news and announcements.


For more information about Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab Brentwood, contact the company here:

Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab Brentwood
Dr. Carlos Rodriguez
Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab
171 S Barrington PL, Unit A
Los Angeles, CA 90049

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